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Your home or workplace is really important to us and below is just a few examples of the protection we use to keep everything clean and just as we found it.

Whether it's floor coverings or furniture coverings, we have it covered. We also have a machine that will wrap a protective film over your new kitchen or your windows if we are painting your outside.

Our Equipment

We use a variety of equipment to keep your property clean whilst we work:

Dust Sheets

Dust sheets have been around a very long time and have advanced a lot to make sure nothing gets through. We use these to cover furniture or floors.

Correx Protection Sheets

Here we have the correx protection sheets. These are brilliant on large areas or on hardwood floors.

Dust Sheets with Stair Rods

Here is another option we have on protecting your stairs. We have dust sheets made just for the stairs and we then hold it in place using these yellow stair rods. This is much safer because the sheets won't move and there's no trip hazard.

Masking Machine

This is our masking machine that holds different types and sizes of protected film or paper. We use this to cover your windows outside if we need to paint your walls. It can also be used in kitchens and bathrooms to wrap around the units so the room stays clean whilst we work.

Floor Protection

Sometimes we use this floor protection that sticks down. We can use this on carpets or wooden floors. It sits flat so it's very safe to keep down if there are children or pets home.